by David Smith


2014 will go down as the most successful year yet at our premier waterfront development on Bigwin Island, with strong lot sales and unprecedented cottage construction currently underway. The community continues to grow and we continue to learn about what services and amenities are required to make sure Bigwin Properties leads the way as one of the most sought after waterfront communities in Muskoka.

One of our most interesting projects of 2014 was a cottage construction process using innovative building methods and materials by BONE Structure. We are pleased to share this recent article published by BONE Structure, along with a link to some great photos of the Summer Home that was recently completed at Bigwin.

Why Steel Structures are Greener than Wood

The cottage, which was built on spec by Tamarack North Ltd, is completely furnished and move-in ready for the 2015 season.

Check out these pictures – BIGWIN COTTAGE

All best in 2015!!!

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