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PRMC are providers of innovative Real Estate and Project Management services to the Resort, Recreation and Golf Course industries.

About PRMC

PRMC is a Muskoka-based provider of real estate and project management services lead by David Smith, who has dedicated his entire professional career of over 30 years to the resort, recreation and golf course industries.

As part of the services PRMC provides, David currently serves as the President of Eagle Landing Company, a firm that was established to develop the golf course and real estate on Bigwin Island and is also the Vice President and Managing Director of Bigwin Island Golf Club.

In addition, David has established a Real Estate Brokerage, Bigwin Realty Inc., which is a full-service real estate firm, which primarily focuses on waterfront properties that are physically on Lake of Bays. In addition, the company provides unique services Golf Course Properties in Canada, in association with Global Golf Advisors. This allows clients to be provided a “one stop” service, which includes everything from sourcing and procuring real estate to working through the planning and site development.

We have a proven track record of providing full service real estate brokerage services, project management control systems and building a solid foundation for the successful execution of your development project. Our professional team and project management experts are uniquely suited and dedicated to the success of our clients and providing quality solutions on time, on budget.

PRMC’s comprehensive project management capabilities include extensive expertise in the field of overall project management, which includes developing processes, managing complex schedules, budget planning and forecasting, and the implementation of management reporting systems.

Our Services

As Buyer's agents, Bigwin Realty Inc. can represent the Buyer’s interests in a transaction, which ensures absolute confidentiality, disclosure of information about the seller, research and expert advice related to potential property opportunities, and negotiate for the best possible price on behalf of the buyer.
We offer a full scope of services including real estate valuations, property assessments and advisory services.
We believe successful real estate involves planning and building a consensus amongst the stakeholders to help define a unified vision. We work with our clients to lay the framework for finding the solution that fulfils their business goals and objectives. We believe that real estate success is first established in the planning process.
We can provide experience and knowledge at the earliest planning stages where we can influence the major decisions that shape a project, where the opportunity to do so is the greatest, and where there is the most opportunity to optimize cost and schedule throughout the project. The goal of our management team is to become an extension of the Client for the purpose of directing the project and providing problem-solving solutions through every step of the project.
Research and make recommendations with respect to the hiring of a consulting team, including planning, engineering and environmental consultants. Work with and establish a positive relationship with all government agencies and special interest groups.
Preparation of budgets and project cash flow requirements, which includes the implementation of a project job cost system. Provide the Owner with an overall budget, cost commitment and tracking system that can be effectively utilized for all areas and phases of the work. Review development and provide any information that might be required by any financial or lending institutes.
Review of proposed development and the preparation of any reports, required by the Owner and potential Investors that comment on the design, budgets, schedule and overall construction program. Work with consulting team to prepare a development program that meets the vision and requirements of the business plan for the proposed golf course.
Review of proposed development and the preparation of any reports, required by the Owner and potential Investors that comment on the design, budgets, schedule and overall construction program. Work with consulting team to prepare a development program that meets the vision and requirements of the business plan for the proposed development.
Coordinate and chair regular site meetings, throughout the entire project process, ensuring the proper distribution and follow up of meeting minutes. Provide a written monthly progress report, including revised budget and scheduling information.
Call tenders and prepare any required contract documentation for successful trade contractors. Provide overall project coordination and supervision of the trades as well as provide direction for any in house personnel and resources that are employed on the project.
Bigwin Realty

Bigwin Realty

Your Beacon on Lake of Bays

Bigwin Realty is a full service real estate brokerage, but with a primary focus on waterfront properties that are physically on Lake of Bays, within a close proximity of the iconic Bigwin Island, as well as Commercial Resort & Recreational properties in Muskoka. Since the 1920’s the Bigwin Island water tower has been a recognized landmark, located in the centre of Lake of Bays, providing guidance, infrastructure support and now as hub of communications for the Region.
Eagle Landing

Eagle Landing Company

Island Living with Resort Community Amenities

Eagle Landing is a Development Company that is responsible for the Bigwin Island Golf Course and Lake of Bays waterfront community. The Company is solely owned by longtime vacation resident Jack Wadsworth, who is Honorary Chairman of Morgan Stanley and Advisory Director for Morgan Stanley globally. Company is managed by local Muskoka businessman David Smith.
Bigwin Island

Bigwin Island Golf Club

Bigwin Island Golf Course is a Private Equity Membership Club, with a limited number of 260 members.

Be one of the privileged few to own a custom designed cottage boasting water frontages from 200 ft to over 1,000 ft of pristine shoreline on Lake of Bays, which is becoming the most sought after lake in Muskoka. Enjoy glorious lake vistas and utmost privacy, complimented by resort style services and world-class golf. Let Bigwin’s rich historical tradition become a part of your family’s legacy, and future.

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    Bigwin Practice Range Renovation & Expansion

    To grow participation in golf the first thing you need to do is put a club in a person’s hands, have them hits some balls, and most importantly put a smile on their face by allowing them to have fun!

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    Bigwin Golf Club Bunker Renovation

    The changes at Bigwin are to essentially adapt to an industry that needs to be more "inclusive and fun". Still extremely challenging for the low handicap golfers, but very appealing to the average golfer

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